PowerBar |USB|

Many portable devices only use the ungrounded “type C” plug, which is a very flat plug. Sadly, most sockets make no use of this design, resulting in a bulky solution where these slim plugs are plugged into a power strip with all grounded sockets. Besides, more and more electronic devices are charged with USB cables, but notebooks only providelimited USB ports.

USB charger

The PowerBar |USB| model provides the same conveniences as the original PowerBar, along with two high-power USB ports, enabling you to charge mobile devices and tablets directly from your desktop.

Mounting bracket

The PowerBar is delivered with a mounting bracket to be conveniently placed beneath a desk or table, keeping a power source discreet and within reach.

Compact and elegant design

With its flat design, the PowerBar is a sleek addition to any desktop, connecting your ungrounded plugs with an unobtrusive solution

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Product Description
Colour                   Trolley Grey
Certification         CE / ROHS
Socket type Type C
No. outlets            2
Rated AC              2.5A/250V~
No. USB-outlets 2
USB output         2.1A 5V
Cable length        1.5m
Cable thickness  2x1.0mm²
CableFix              Yes
Childproof           Yes
Included:             Mounting Dock, Removable Tape