PowerCube |ReWirable USB|

Colour                   Orchid Purple
Certification        CE
Socket type          Type F
No. outlets           4
Rated AC              6A/100-250V~
No. USB-outlets  2
USB output 2.1A 5V
Grounded             Yes
Childpoof              Yes
Fuse                       Yes
IEC port                IEC 60320 C14
Included:              4x Travel Plugs
Travel Plugs         Type A, E/F, G, I

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Product Description

We are all familiar with travel adapters, but they all have several shortcomings. First of all, they only contain one outletwhile nowadays we probably carry more than one electronic device with us. Secondly, when buying a travel adapter it only comes with one type of plug, while we need multiple types of plugs when traveling around the world. Thirdly, even though USB is so common these days, many travel adapters lack USB ports. Finally, when returning home, regular travel adapters end up in a drawer, not to be used again until the next trip, as they cannot be used for daily household purposes. Such a waste.

Universal socket - plug connection

The PowerCube |ReWirable| comes with a worldwide standard receptacle (fused for max 6-10A). Put your old IEC cables from outdated devices to use by plugging it in and creating an extension cord.

Multiple outlets

Traveling with our everyday devices, along with their chargers, can often be stressful and bulky. The PowerCube |ReWirable| and its compact design make traveling with technology
a breeze. We also have a travel adapter with USB in the PowerCube |ReWirable USB|

Travel plugs

"Whizz around the world with no worries about adaptors and charging your devices, the set of additional plugs included covers frequently traveled destinations. Included is a European Adapter, American Adapter, Chinese/Australia Adapter and United Kingdom Adapter "

Functional at home or abroad

Once you return home, simply switch the travel plug for one compatible with your country, this way, you can optimize its use and convert it to a standard powerstrip.