PowerCube Extended |Remote|Queen’s Orange

If they have an ON/OFF switch to cut standby power usage, most often these are located on the power strip itself. This is not a good solution, as the power strip is often tucked away behind furniture, making it hard to reach. Existing remote-controlled power sockets on the market do not offer a convenient solution, as the remote gets lost or the batteries run out.

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Product Description
Colour                              Queen's Orange
Certification                    CE / Rohs
Socket type                      Type F
No. outlets                       4
Rated AC                          16A/250V~
Cable length                    1.5m
Cable thickness              3x1.5mm²
CableFix                           Yes
Grounded                        Yes
Childproof                       Yes
ON/OFF switch              Yes
Included:                          PowerRemote, Mounting Dock, Removable Tapes
Remote range                  25m
Remote signal                 2.4GHz
Remote battery               No batteries needed, works on kinetic energy